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Our proud 30 year tradition has seen Heytesbury Stockfeeds develop an enviable reputation for quality, flexibility and attention to detail.

We are well known for our custom mixes formulated to our clients own preferences to successfully drive pig production and optimise bottom line.

Eco Grain Mixes

The Eco Grain Mix range includes rations to suit production across the full lactation period and across various seasons with a budget focus.

Our aim with the ECO range is to produce high quality rations that continue to compliment pasture conditions, and allow our clients to maximize productivity from the home grown feed base.

The ECO range will continue to be milled using high quality cereal grains, legumes and protein meals; but with a budget conscious focus, we will allow slightly higher fibre contents in these rations, and alter our combination of grains somewhat.

For more information, please read our HSF Stockfeeds ECO Grain Mixes Brochure

Mega-Milk Harvest-Rations

Nutritionally balanced grain rations specifically designed to meet today’s high producing dairy cows and seasonal conditions, the Mega-Milk™ range uses a blend of quality cereal grains, legumes and canola meal.

Key advantages for farmers using this range include:
• Targeting diets to meet on farm challenges
• Economically priced
• Enhanced palatability
• Performance focused
• Oil added to suppress dust

For more information, please read the Mega-Milk Harvest-Rations Brochure

Udder-Gro Vital-Mins Concentrate Range

Udder-Gro Vital-Mins™ concentrates are pelleted supplements designed to balance your herd’s ration, maximise production and herd health, and replenish body mineral reserves. The pellets are designed to be blended on-farm with crushed grain or incorporated into a tailored, balanced diet direct from Heytesbury Stockfeeds Pty Ltd.

Advantages of Udder-Gro Vital-MinsTM Concentrates:

  • Pelleted – To reduce dust and for ease of handling and mixability
  • Buffers – To reduce the risk of acidosis
  • Calcium, Phosphorous & Magnesium – To meet the requirement of lactating cows
  • Salt – To stimulate adequate feed and water intake
  • Vitamins A, D & E – To boost herd health and fertility
  • Minerals – To aid herd health and fertility
  • Rumensin® – To increase the digestibility of feed, resulting in higher feed efficiency
  • Bioplex® High Five – Providing five essential organic minerals to build mineral status within the cow
  • Acid Buf® –  A natural buffer derived from seaweed, improves rumen environment by prolonging rumen buffering
  • Diamond V Yeast® – Manufactured using a technology that generates functional metabolites with proven beneficial effects on     animal health and performance
  • Feedmins BlueTM – Provides five essential organic minerals  to develop the herd health and performance

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